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Paradise Safety LLC has a full listing of Safety and Environmental programs and processes ready to be written based on your company’s scope of work and locations to meet the needs of local regulatory and customer requirements (also fully serviceable to ISN).

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Who We Are

Paradise Safety LLC is a result driven, innovative, and productivity oriented partnership of Safety and Environmental Professionals with uniquely strategic skillsets specifically created to present, motivate, educate, develop and deliver services to support both company and customer initiatives alike.

What We Do

Paradise Safety LLC is your global go-to resource for Health Safety and Environmental Systems Design needs. Our experience and knowledge of the market, along with our experience working with contractors as well as operators, gives us a unique perspective from both sides of the table.

Our team provides industry insight to help our clients achieve the best results, the first time. We work with leading operators as well as their contracted service providers, to ensure projects meet local regulatory, industry, and customer expectations (standards) through the most efficient means possible. By providing insight into your past efforts, we're able to guide you effectively towards your future goals.

Specializing in Cultural change through Upper/Operational Management realization that Safety Programs are an operational process afforded the same set of responsibilities and accountabilities as any other operational process.

Safety Departments to this day, no matter what veil we place over them, tend to be perceived in the same manner that they were historically derived (attempting to bridge issues related to conflict of interest between safety and operational objectives) - with a union style policing function separate to that of operations. As such a cultural rift has arisen that identifies Safety as a function (not the ideology) to be working apart and in conflict with operational objectives. It is critical that Safety as a process be integrated into operational procedures in a manner that identifies itself with the same perceived functions and accountabilities as say that of Quality Assurance and Control - that Safety (and Environmental) personnel are no longer police officers to be interfering in operational interests but that of auditors and counselors/coaches to help measure the implementation of procedures that assist line related supervision of who are then ultimately held responsible and accountable to a proactive functionality and the results derived from the process. This in turn (and is most key to the ideology) gives engineering and operations a specific non-subjective way of measuring the expectations through design, forward to drafting objectives.

Allow us to help you to make your Health Safety and Environmental programs as efficient as possible using systems and personnel you already have in place while reducing the physical footprint of personnel (cost) needed to advance your process objectives.

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